MIB is not an insurance policy for the uninsured

While MIB provides last resort compensation to victims of uninsured drivers it doesn’t mean we insure the uninsured.

It’s a sad fact that many people resent the purchase of car insurance because it’s compulsory before taking to the roads. What’s worse is that some consciously choose to flout the law and drive without insurance, and then whilst illegally using their vehicle, sadly cause death, injury, or damage to others.

We’ve all heard people compare the price of their insurance policy to the value of their car. But of course motor insurance provides much much more than protection against damage to the policyholder’s car; the reason that third party motor insurance is compulsory is because it provides protection for the user against their responsibility to pay compensation to others for the damage and injury they cause.

Driving a motor vehicle exposes every one of us to the risk of causing damage, injury or death together with the suffering that comes with it. When accident victims suffer serious injury the eventual cost of the claim can run into hundreds of thousands or millions of pounds.

MIB compensates victims of uninsured drivers and unfortunately, far too often, we see victims who suffer lifetime and life changing consequences. But MIB’s involvement doesn’t mean the uninsured driver is relieved of any financial responsibility. If the driver who causes the accident is not insured, they are personally liable for those costs and our policy is to pursue every uninsured driver who is liable for claims against them.

Although the risk of roadside enforcement should be deterrent enough for anyone considering driving without insurance; the greater financial risk is that they cause an accident involving serious, or catastrophic, damage or injury.

The uninsured would be wise to recognise the potentially enormous financial consequences they expose themselves to. At best, they may face a hefty, unforeseen bill. At worst they could end up in debt for life.

Achieving the best possible outcome for the victim is always at the heart of MIB’s philosophy and our thoughts, as always, rest with those for whom the cost cannot be counted in monetary terms.

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