Deterring illegal or dangerous road use is vital to road safety

PACTS ‘Street Legal’ Conference took a close look at how cross sector collaboration can help improve road safety

This year’s PACTS conference (28 March 2018) hightlighted the importance of the Government, police and the technology, insurance and road safety sectors working together to improve road safety.

The work we do at MIB has an important place in the road safety arena - through, use of the Motor Insurance Database (MID), our dedicated police helpline, targetted messaging campaigns and research, we are helping to combat uninsured and hit and run driving.

While the link between driving without insurance and road safety may not be immediately obvious, evidence has shown that uninsured driving often occurs alongside other non compliance (e.g. untaxed vehicles) and criminal activity. A driver with no valid insurance has no legal right to be on the road and removing uninsured drivers from our roads undoubtedly makes them safer.

Couple that with statistics that show that amongst uninsured drivers, the most over represented group is young males (under 30s); one quarter of 18-24 year olds crash in their first two years of driving; and, 16-19 year olds are twice as likely as 40-49 year olds to die in a road traffic accident and we start to see the disturbing reality.

From this perspective alone the importance of linking technology, legislation, insurance and road policing is clear, as is the benefit to the safety of our roads that successful collaboration across these areas can bring.

While there are already many examples of successful partnerships, there are still further opportunities for us to use technology, data, public campaigns and education to improve road safety, compliance and enforcement.  

The PACTS conference has proved to be an excellent forum for sharing ideas and future developments in our combined efforts in tackling the safety of our roads. 

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